Name: Wayne Hart
Found you when surfing. Absolutely wonderful! Yours is by far the clearest and most concise expression of this topic that I have ever encountered. Further, you touched a deep place within my heart. That is one of my primary signals for detecting when I've been exposed to truth.

Name: Joe
I love it mman!!!

Jeff Bourgeois
this verbalized (quite nicely) some thoughts i've had over the years. and then carried me well beyond.

Name: Mike Albrecht
Very interesting, refreshing, and resonant insights into our existence. Thank you for your efforts.

Name: J Michael Doyle
Brilliant but simple.
As an aspiring author I admire your ability to conceptualize all that you have and to be able to put it down on paper.
While reading this, I was automatically transported into a higher state of awareness.

Name: johnna
Finally, something that makes sense!

Name: Babs Carter
Always looking for other fully integrated honest human beings who are not afraid to use their minds.

Name: Floyd Kenneth Bevins
Thank you for posting this vision. I am inspired by the freedom inducing qualities of this magnificent book. Peace ,Floyd.

Name: Vijay Pichaya
Read your treatise with great interest. The prose flows like music.
Each paragraph is like a note in a song slowly building up
to an entire sheet of music. Profound thoughts expressed lyrically.

Name: Owen Weingarth

Name: Michelle
Very elegant and straightforward vision of things.


Name: Jonathan
I only read a few pages and of what I read I think you are close to the whole truth.

Name: Sweet Pea
I really enjoyed reading your inspiring thoughts.
I would be interested in hearing more.
Thank You

Name: T.J. Grant
smooth I like a lot

Name: will
more more!

Name: Sonia Easley
I took this day to read this. I have searched most of my life for more and more truth. I prayed and affirmed that something would come my way to help me put into perspective all that I have learned and/or experienced. I somehow ended up on this web site early this morning.
Recently, my sister and I have been reading and studying the Course in Miracles. The teachings have put my personal life in a state of misunderstanding for the application of the spiritual principles have ended in frustration.
Reading what you say on this web site has assisted me in starting to realize my purpose and the universe's purpose.
Although I do not know you directly, I feel that you have passed on a most precios gift to me and I have no choice but to learn to flow with the growth and development of our God.
Peace and Blessings

Name: maigrey
You have some very interesting ideas, I enjoyed reading it.

Name: Karen
Thank you for caring....for believing....for loving.... for knowing

Name: Katscan@
What has been written in this site is indeed interesting to me.
I believe, as you do, we must grow as a baby does, from ignorance to adulthood.
That growth means more than years passing by. It contains the assimulation of knowledge obtained fron books; listening to learned people and your friends;weeding out the chaff from the media; traveling (by many different methods) to other lands and meeting people of other faiths and origins.
As your inner spirit accumulates this knowledge, so does it grow.
Peace be with you all.

Name: BC
Outstanding !!!!

Name: Chris Lowe
Downloaded entire text today. It is the truth beautifully presented. Kindred spirits as we all are...

Name: Verstrepen Hedwig
The truth and nothing but the truth. As simple as it is!

Name: ted kinnear
I just read a good bit of the text, and I am amazed at what I've just seen. You've opened my mind to a whole new concept of life. I take each word as absolute truth and would love to be able to study it and absorb it all.
I am going to bookmark it on my cell.I want to take this with me wherever I go so I can spread this truth to everyone that I meet.

An outstanding piece of work. Thanks for the message. It helps us gain our perspective.

Name: Bruce Mayfield
It's nice to know I am not alone in the universe.
Your veiw of reality is very akin to my veiw of reality.
I think you are a liberated thinker -- a true, modern philosopher.
I respect both you and your philosophy.
Thank you.

Name: J.G.

Name: Steve Hill
thought provoking and fun.

Name: Mark Evans
Subject: I like the way you put it!!
what great insight!! the universal god force compels us to do that which enhances our life. . to deny the truth only results in pain and early death. By pursuing our own selfish interests we promote the expanding universe and this action necessarily brings mankind closer to god..

Name: bikeguy
cool thoughts , all things are connected , as one energy one universe.

Name: David Spiegel
To me this concept is clearly intuitive and rings true with what I know in my heart, and it sounds as though it will be in direct accord with evolving concepts that my mind has been somewhat driven by for the last several years. Thank you for putting it out here and making it available.

This is all so very interesting and insightful and I shall return. Thank you very much for the time and effort that you have taken to produce this work which I think will be of great benefit to many.
Again I say thank you.

Name: sandra h
i just have to say that i found this web page very interesting. you give a great perspective to life and it's meaning. and for someone like myself who is uncertain of so many things, it was refreshing to read something that felt true.

Name: SagePlace
What an absolutely wonderful resource in a troubled but still beautiful world... Thanks for the gift.

Name: Dennis Krum
What a WONDERFUL service to humanity. We ARE linking together, expressing our Oneness in so many ways.

Name: Andrea
I am an abbid Unitarian Universalist serching for some truth is this world of what seems to be lies. I have been taughted teased, and picked on because of my religion but still I search for any real meaning behind all of this nonsense. I thank you for your web page, it has brought new light into the matter and has in a way opened my eyes. I hope that it will touch people the way it kind of touch me.

Name: john c. siegel
well done.

Name: Richard McNinch
This is quite interesting. I found your page completely by accident, but am amazed that what you write about is very much alike the thoughts I've been having for just this past week. Fate.
Thank You for proving to me that I'm not nuts.

Name: Karry
Your words are my religion. You have expressed in pithy, powerful terms ideas beyond my poor power to add or detract.

If my understanding of some of your ideas is close to the mark I must say that you are not alone in thinking them. Your essay is rich soil for the growth of a global scientific religion of great compassion and enormous unity and diversity. And there is more to be said, much more. I await your response at a future date. Yours for the Growth of God ----

Name: Tom Carlisle
Cosmic consciousness, or rather, cosmic self-consciousness, as our universe unfolds itself to reveal itself to itself. Thankyou for supplying this page to us. I shall bookmark it and return to see more.

Name: Joshua
Mr. Skidmore is obviously a good thinker, much like my father.
They both question traditional religious beliefs.
The difference, however, lies in their view of their views.
My father knows that his views are exactly that, views, opinions, not fact.
You ideas, Mr. Skidmore are precisicely that, ideas.
Being unproven, I still give them credence, because they are well thought out and written well.
I thank you for the opportunity to hear more ideas, but ask you to look at it from my perspective.
Here you are writing ideas that would make you into a modern day Messiah.
Whether you are aiming to or not, you are placing yourself into a position of leadership, that unless you are a man of Jesus' character, you may not be ready for.
You will have a lot of sheep in your herd, Mr. Sheapherd.
Good luck and may God be with you.
Love and support,

Name: Joseph P
Its good ! I will be visiting again !

Name: Ambidex
Everything you've said is true.

Name: Jimmy Hanly
I couldn't have said it better myself,

Name: Alfred C. Meyers, SR
I feel blessed to have found your page.

Name: JoAnne D Craigmile Nilsen
thank you....for once someone rang the bell of truth...and it sounds so sweet...I thank you for putting into words what I felt instinctually...maybe because my whole life was built around animals I was allowed to see it...but till now it roamed as a shadow behind everything I see it in spoken words has been both an ecxtasy, and a releif....again...thank you...your's in harmony

Name: Jen D.(sweetiepie)
It's great!!

Name: Kimberly- Ocean City, NJ
Excellent & thought provoking

This really gave me some more to process. Very enlightening.

Name: jim owens
Thank you for putting into words what to me have been long lasting emotins

Name: Robert M. Helbig
Very Thought Provoking!

Name: sheila berdos
thank you!!!!!!

Name: John Ciocari
Enjoyed the depth of thought without committing to conventional "God" concepts.

Name: Richard
After being very unsatisfied with religion, I searched for the truth. Ten years of seeking have brought me to your pages.
I now rest
South Africa

Name: Bill Leezer
I concur...!

Name: Angel Of Love
This is the first thing I have looked up on the net. Idon't really even know how to type but I'm going to learn how as fast as I can. I have arrived to help you.Tere is so much to do, I have to meet with you,and find out what my part is.I look foreward to working with all those who know who they are and why they are here, why WE are here. Aloha.


Name: Shannon Eileen Porter
There are no words... you've said them all.

Name: Jennifer Hutson
Very enlightening and though i have often felt that the universe is a growing god, i've never quite been able to conceptualize it. Bravo!!!

Thank you for sharing this knowledge with others.
I have forever been a seeker of truth and fuller understanding.
Your writing will help me in continuing my growth in life.

Name: John Nuncwitz
This is surely one of the far oustanding works that a going to explain truth as far as it's possible!

Name: Roy
What little I've read has helped clear a slowly clearing vision even more.

It is very gratifying that one looks at the big picture so that one gets a feeling of belonging to a greater whole in a more intense manner.

Name: David Williams Jr.
So far it seems like some pretty good research, now applying it is another thing.

wow, this is one of the first things ive read concerning the meaning of life and those other big important things, that actually makes sense

Name: Margie Garelle
I am interested in helping in the advancement of this knowledge. Thankyou,

Name: Kalervo Koskela
very logical and inspiring!

Name: Eduardo Blasina
I would like to translate the book to spanish, to let the truth be known, at least in my country, Uruguay.

Name: Frank Goodman
I have just re-read the text. My first impressions are confirmed. Jim Skidmore has put into a short space my thoughts of a lifetime. Thanks a million.

Name: Heidi Hanks
Excellent. I think that more people are beginning to think this way than a lot of people realize.

Name: Tim L. Scheel
love it

Name: Glenn
Great Perception of the Universe!

Name: Mary
Thank you for warm fuzzies to my soul!


wouldn't it be strange if you really did know what you were talking about

Name: yana murphy
Sounds like the blend of science and spirituality that has the ring of truth.

....................................something seems right here

Name: craig M garber
I indeed found this site to be very intriguing and interesting.

Name: Francisco Nasta
¡Congratulations! I´ll like to hear more from you. I want to impulse the movement of the new ontology around the world.

Name: peter j clayton
excellent service
well done

Name: kimberly smith
thank you very much.

Name: Sebastian Ittiachen
Wonderful - few things really made me think !!!

Name: Lubomil Jansak
Dear Sir, we have just found your book in the INTERNET.
We were so much excited by it, that we would like to ask you for permission to translate it in Slovak.Please inform us about the conditions under which it can be done.
Sincerely yours Dr.Ivan Hlasnik Dr.Lubomil Jansak and Dr.Jan Kokavec.

Name: Katrina Ables
This is all true. And hard to put into words. And hard to believe that many people go through life not knowing or understanding this , And those of us that do, dont really know what to do with it.

Name: Juan Carlos Ortega
Great pages, it contains a lot of useful information to the higher self development.

Name: avis
The truth, after which what else is there?

Name: Linda L.
You have provided a new context for knowing what I have always known -- that it is right to be most fully ourselves, that every act is motivated by self interest, that the need to grow is the force that keeps us alive. Thank you.

Name: Nick Tolotti
A lifetime searcher is profoundly moved by the candid scientific organized approach to our awareness. Fun stuff. GREAT PAGE!

deep. really deep!

Name: Robert Lewis Schwartz
Thank you.


Name: Jonathan E. Brickman
Good work.

Name: A.K.G
What a relief! Exactly how I feel!

Name: Steve
very interesting concept..... your views are very incouraging..
very logical... very believable.... would love to hear more..
every now and then one finds something worth reading.

Name: Robbin Dye
very interesting. being an agnostic i find this very interesting. i don't definitely believe there is no god, i just don't know if there is one. if there is one, i think your conception may be a lot closer to the truth than any attempts to define god by organized religion.

Name: Mike
Absolutly Brillant!

I got it...and agree. Thank you for writing this, it has put words to my inner understandings.

Name: Tricia Pinkston
I am currently reading your book online. I have looked for inconsistencies and find none so far. I am thinking this is a true assessment of our situation and a lovely one! Please tell me where I can discuss these ideas or meet people who are also interested in these ideas. I'm alone out here. Thanks.

Name: Dr Zabieglik
Thanks and greetings from Poland.

Name: Elizabeth Strong
How thrilling to find others who have the understanding I have been so lucky to attain. Thank you for your wonderful offering to others. I will tell my friends who use the internet.

Name: Anne
Just a grateful thanks from a journeyer who needed to read what I read today. When the student is ready,the teacher appears. Thanks

Name: Fred Russell
I have long believed that the growth of the universe may lead to an equivalent growth in conciousness. That maybe the purpose of the universe is to become self-aware and that (maybe) at that moment of arrival a still small (or maybe not so small) voice will say "welcome to the club!
But it maynot necessarily be the voice of God, but 'only' of other universes that have gone before.

Name: karim H. B. Xavier da Silva
Thanks so much by the oportunity to read a very very beautiful concept of life...

Name: Charleen
Very Good !!!

Name: Ray Vora
Extremely thought provoking ideas and observations. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire thing. I would love to believe that everything that happens helps mankind & universe grow more god like! It is very hard to except that all the human sufferings (e.g. holocast, innocent victims of serial killers, babies born with birth defects, poverty, famine, natural disasters etc..)is necessary in the quest for us and our universe to become more god like!

Name: Carla Spahos
A wonderful book full of insights and complexities. It did a wonderful job of putting into words what my feelings are about who we are and what we are doing here. I will read this over and over and will be sending it to my friends. I thank you!

Name: Ben
Thank you. I have been shown the truth and my life has changed forever. Thanks again!! I love you.

Name: jay

Name: Annette De Cairos
BRILLIANT! Makes infinite sense.

Name: Jim Moore
I often wonder how many "beings" can be so immersed in the illusion of "separateness"-especially considering the negative developments that arise with such a view of reality. After much study i reached the same conclusion as to the nature of God and "creation" as you have. Namaste'

Its too bad that everyone else doesn’t see this.

Name: Jim
I couldn't have written it better myself!

Name: Torri L. Wright
interesting very interesting

Name: Earth Flower
I loved it.....!!!!! DEEP!!!!!! There should be more poets like that in this world...


Name: Chris O'Neill
wow, what an amazing page. Lots of insight and that makes it really interesting!!! well done!!!

Name: Bruno Franco Russo
It's a very good place

How true, and what a beautiful reminder for us all!

Name: Gordon J. Hogenson
I have often thought we were gods in the making.
You put it so beautifully and forcefully!

Name: Kadee

Name: jonas alsroem
I think this was a tremendous page and I hope that you will complete more thereof.

It will take a while to sink in and analyze.
See much that I agree with at first blush.

Name: Nathaniel A. Wolfe
This website is a great service to all those seeking the truth. Thank you for giving this gift to those who are searching.

Name: Richard Olson
Yes, a confirmation of what we really already know in our depths. Thank you!

Name: imhotep33
divine simplicity


Name: George King

Name: Jim Fleming
Very well done. One question. Have you been reading my mind?

Name: Grzegorz Tomkow
hello from Poland... it was nice

Name: Jim Dargie
Thank you

Name: Dale
When I read your writings I Can some what visualize existence from start to end I find it SO Extreamly interesting that I want to personally thank you for putting it on the web, not for just my benefit but for everone else's also, I my self have had this growing awareness, that we are evolving into God, years ago and now reading your description of it yet reafirms my previous intuitions, perhaps it is as you say that we are gaining an Identity as this whole process continues, and that growing awarness is required before self recognition occurs. I'm now 28yrs old and I'm just beggining to see the purpose of my life mainly due to the fact that I'm aware of the world I see how my mine fits into place, This allows me comfort because I see that the things that I would have previously labeled trite, moot,or insignificant I now see as tedious yet significant.

Inclosing I think your contemplation of it all is accurate in a beautifully general way, I think more people should be expose to this direction of thought I wish you well with your endevor, it's just a matter of time before your audience becomes large.

Name: maryka

Name: Steve

Name: Jonathan Borthwick
Nice and profound. Well done!

Name: Frederic Wiedemann, PhD This is great. Your website and our website seem to be tapped into the same guidance and knowing. I like the brevity of the cosmic truths here.

Name: Simon Falkingham
Vision is a wonderful thing. Yours is clear and concise. I once wondered, after watching a documentary on TV about a woman who after around 40 years of being blind had her sight restored, what it would be like for her. I am beginning to know! Thank you for you insights

Name: norman willis
Thank you for your contribution to life.

Name: Jerry Lamb
Will come back many tmes. Provocative.

Name: J. Vince Trodden
A truly stunning presentation.

Name: rick
hey man!
this is groovy.

Name: Nader Khan-Durrani
I'm glad theres book like this in the world today,
and enlightening people like yourself....

Name: Ramesh
Very thought provoking reading, Kept me glued to the monitor on first reading. Will visit often to read it again and again to try and understand it more and more (better and better)......

Name: Tom Cruise
I loved thumbing through. The info was useful and true.

Name: haywood jablome
i love you

Name: mark james oberlander
This confirms my thoughts within
Im glad I decided to drop in
I hope this truth stands out loud
it did for me when I was down
thanks again.

Name: Gorm Toft
I just want to tell you did a great job!!!

Name: jeff
Very nice proposal. When my friend emailed me your link i thought he was joking about some fundamental christian peoples or something to that end,
but, i'll admit all i read was your summary... but the concept of the universe organizing and becoming aware of itself is very interesting.

Thank you for putting your ideas out on this web page for the casual reader. later

Name: Kenneth Rogers
I hate your site you should get rid of it

Name: Beth Metts
I love your site get rid of Kenneth Rogers

Name: Wilfred S G Archer
Liked the page. Ties in with my own belief structure and I fully agree with the way all is heading.

Name: Sharon Hackleman
Wonderful positive energy flows!

Caroline Acklin
I have found the words to be very enlightening. I was very happy to have the opportunity to read this very thought provoking message. Thankyou!

Name: Renee Godwin

thought provoking

Name: Grant Penton
An inspirational and attractive page of refreshing import- thanx for the effort!

Name: Lou Majors I love your site. It is one of the clearest views of reality I have ever read. I am a teacher myself who teaches infinite thinking. Hope we meet some day.

Name: John O'Donnell
Thank You.

Name: Dahl Kaiser
I agree - well said

Name: Patricia Brown
Thankyou for making the truth so easily accessible, with the message being of more importance than the money. I appreciate that.
All the best from Canberra, Australia.

Name: Elizabeth Hawley
Good job, enthralling. One of those things that you just sit and read when you're pondering your very existence.

Quite enlightening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's such fun to find expression for what you've always known abstractly!

Name: Darren Brown
I liked what you had to say, and found it verey interesting.

Name: Larry Bedwell
Beautiful insights to help a lost soul find its way...

Name: Dale Quick
thank you enjoyed the text

Rogelio Amaral
Finally I've fount the truth! Thank you.

Very intersting on first glance, I'll take the time to read it more carefully later. I'm not sure yet what I think about it.

Name: David de Void
A rather facinating site. You have an interesting mind.

Wow man, pretty heavy stuff. It all sounds good, do I know this is right? I've listened to far to many self-appointed gurus in my time to just accept what is said as fact. Sure, your stuff sounds more rational but without being able to KNOW for sure, it doesn't have any more credibility than any other religion.

Name: Scott Rauvers
Excellent material for an ever changeing planet. Plenty of ways for self improvement in any area of life.

Name: M.T.Ness
I see the concept and it makes perfect sense to me.

Name: Terry Reed
I am just finding I am not alone.

Name: Jim Leveroni
An interesting work with much relative truth. I would differ on some points
and of course find others to totally disagree with.

Alot of what I've read here is similar to ideas I've been formulating within my own head.

Name: K

Name: Gene Ahearn
The meaning of life is : to procreate and pass your knowledge on to your offspring . cherrio .

Name: Bertram H.Carson, MD
Appreciate your concepts and view points very good.


Name: Bob Johnston
Sounds very similar to what I have believed for many years.

Name: Elio
Not completely read, yet...
I think it's the most lucid text I've ever read on the WWW.
Many thanks man.

Name: David Cunningham
This is without a doubt a closer synthesis to the true nature of our purpose in this universe. I can't say how amazed I was. I would like to know more. Are there Principles by which I could apply these is one thing to observe another to practice.

Name: Clive Wilson.
A cool idea and superbly executed but what is it doing at present to help anyone to take control of their lives? How can you get people to listen to ultimate truths such as thieving is wrong when they have evolved to a situation where it appears justified?

Name: Janus
well said

Name: peter

Name: Mike Palmer speak of things that I have felt only at the fringe of my awareness. The truth rings from your words and resounds in my heart, and in my mind.

Name: Worbois534@
good for you.

Name: Lila Campbell
Your thoughts are indeed interesting and enlightening. Thanks for sharing them on the internet and I hope a large number of people benefit and "grow" from reading them.

I'm taking a philosophy course now and in truth, this sounds like one of the most reasonable concepts I've heard. Thanks

Name: tc
Wow! I don't really know what to say but that I have never heard or read anything like it!

Name: Rebecca I've enjoyed discovering your site. I have downloaded several parts of it to share with friends. Your ideas are congruent with my own, and I enjoy your eloquence.

Name: Mark
Very interesting! I have had some of the same thoughts concerning the universe as an ever expanding entity of which we are all part. Thanks for more food for thought.

Name: Pam Stone
Enjoyable and informative!

Name: Steve Katz
I like it.
- summarizes most of my thoughts.
- explains most of my yearnings.
- why I'm here and cannot destroy myself.
- explains the inner force to BE.
Thank you.

Name: Srini
I read portions and will definitely return to re-read it more. It has interesting insights which are refreshing and uplifting. It certainly has a ring of truth to it!

Name: Dr. William McPhederan
I thought that youre page was the best that I have seen in a long time. Being a scientist studying our overpopulation problem, I believe that you had many valuable points for me to take into consideration. I believe that you should continue on improving this page (if it's at all possible) and keep giving us your exquisite information.

Name: jerry g mcintyre
very good reading.

with out a doubt, one of the most interesting, thought provoking pieces of literature that i read in a very long seem to have a very deep understanding of our place in the universe.

Name: Daniel
Very nice. I'm enlightened

It is one of the most peaceful and comforting articles I have ever read. No human should ever NOT get the chance to read this. It should be required reading.

Name: Joe Lepore
I thank you for bringing light into darkness.I can veryfi much of what you have written not because of my understanding and knowledge but there is a spiritual force that reveals the truth through visions.
I consider those personal encounters the best gifts anyone could have given to me.
I AM --- truly grateful.

Name: Todd Harmon
I am largely in agreement with what you say. I like the easy-to-read poetic format you have chosen for making your ideas quickly accessible, considering you could have chosen to bury your thoughts in an esoteric scholarly theological dissertation of some sort. I have a Master's degree in theology from the University of Chicago and have been worried for some time about whether I need to write my truth before I die and in what form I ought to write It. Now I am freed from that responsibility. THANK YOU!

Name: Barb Herzog
You are right in line with my philosophy of thinking about why I am here, who I am...

Name: Alan W. Reynolds
This stuff is fantastic. I haven't had a chance to digest it all yet but so far it is very thought provoking and rewarding!

Name: Steve Scherer
Very interesting philosophy. The idea that "God" or whatever the hell "God" is has always been inside of us has always interested me. I think some of your ideas on humankind's desire to become omnipotent is very accurate. However, I wonder if we will destroy ourselves before it actually happens. Good Luck!


Name: Scott
It's interesting, I can see some truth in what you have to say, but some of it makes me uncomfortable. The idea of becoming a God seems almost too egotistical. I think trying to be "Godlike" could easily be compared to trying to be like Jesus (Yes, I am a Christian). The fact that we have increasing control over our own destinies is also of interest. I think we have incredible control, but also, we have incredible difficulty in utilizing that control. I know, because this "theme" is encountered so often in my own life.

Name: Daniel J. Shepard
Very nice piece of work.

Name: Daniel Hirtz
Thank you for writing it. Such necessary insights! Yes you are contributing big time to the growing God.

Name: JMccal7378@
This is just what I have been looking for as my "next step".

Name: Mike Hedelius
Interesting, makes alot of sense, however how does one continue to fulfill ones potential etc. when true progress is not politically acceptable, If the powercrats have there way, we will be back in the dark ages in no time.

Name: Christopher M. Anderson
Thank you so much for your time, patience, and kindness to make all of this available to so many!

Name: Dawn Lynch
That just about answers it all for me. Thanx a lot.

Name: nguzman@
It"s OK...I Guess.

Name: Gary
I've just read your vision this afternoon, and am impressed. Based on my life's experience and awareness, this is quite an accurate and concise picture. I appreciate your time in making this available. In keeping with your directness, I'll end there.
Good luck in living your life fully

I just wanted to write to let the author know that i completely agree with the ideas stated here. I am myself a Muslim, and a hard-core Pantheist: i believe the Universe is God. I believe that nothing exists except God.
In short, i love the ideas in this site!
Thank you!

Name: Matt Sensintaffar
Absolutly Wonderful. I have never seen anything that could say as much as this .

Name: Don Dickerson
I enjoyed the site and I will give it to each one of my children for us all to talk about. The truth is at once both subtle and awesome, but thanks to your wonderful and beautiful work, it is much easier for the simple among us to see. I am truely thankful for your site.

Name: david bourke
great thoughts to ponder...

Name: blueseal

as your knowledge grows, your choices grow. Destiny is part desire,. Thus as you gain in knowledge, you can more easily get your desires, since you will know how. So we agree somewhat.

Name: Rev. Russell Olsen
The statement that, "The Universe Is a Growing God", is absolutely true.

Name: Melvin Tan
Hi! Just came to say that this homepage is indeed excellent, inspiring and thought-provoking. I'm adding this page to my bookmarks which means that I'll come here frequently. Thanks!

Name: mffmeira@
its fu... good when you hear your own toughts been speak by other people, the full text were fully understanded, and,some way, i knew it all !,thanks for existing and forgive my english, im Brazilian.

Name: Paul Tifford

Name: Mike Croghan
This is a real gem; wise, well-presented, and extremely insightful.
For now, I'm going to link to it in the "Writings" section of my page.

Name: Gary Miller
This writing doesn`t fall in line with any philosophies or true logic or reasoning that I`ve ever read so I have no idea what to think of it at this time.

Name: André Gouin
About one week before coming upon your site, the following thought came to me :
What if an error in translation was made in the Bible where it is stated that "On the sixth day God created man in His image and resemblance" while it was meant to read "On the sixth day man created God in his image and resemblance" and what if we were NOW in the sixth day.
What a recomforting coincidence to discover your text, so soon after being struck with this thought.
Very inspiring words, thank you.

Name: Michael Brownlee
This is a powerful confirmation that we are indeed at the dawn of conscious evolution.

Name: Cindy R. King
Very interesting!

Name: Big Brother
Your text is very moving, and of such relevance in today's society. The text has inspired all who have read it, I am sure.

Name: michael bacarella
Wow awesome page man/guys/dudes/people etc.
Finally something that makes some sense in this world.

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To be able to blame, rely on, and thank yourself seems to me, a far greater thing than to depend on a "god" to do it for you.

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Great summary of what's happening here.
I'm an ex-preacher who has been teaching we are gods for years.

I'm an Austrian and am studying Forest sciences in Vienna. I just want to tell you that I was here and want to congratulate you for your work.

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While reading this, I was automatically transported into a higher state of awareness.
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