The Universe Is A Growing God
Copywrite1995 Cyril James Skidmore

it is worth remembering
that before the universe
we were,
as if we were,

Before existence
we were without a body.

Before life
we were without a mind.

Before experience
we were without knowledge.

We do not yet know how,
but in an explosion of ourself,
we ceased as we were
and became
the universe.

What we do know
is that the explosion that caused our existence
is still exploding.

Our universe is being created
at this very moment.

We know our universe is continuing to be created
because we who are existence
are a knowable creation.

In our reality,
every act
always causes
a particular effect.

In our universe, when a tree falls
there is always a sound.

When we touch a fire
it always burns.

Our constancy of cause and effect
makes our universe

If reality was unknowable,
life could not survive.

The very existence of life
is testimony
to the existence of knowledge in a knowable reality.

From small bacteria to tall oaks to humans,
all life in the universe survives
by acquiring a degree of knowledge of existence.

All life acquires a degree of consciousness of reality.

Those of us who are worms
have acquired a knowledge of how to survive in dirt.

We who are birds have survived through
a knowledge of worms.

Since the beginning of life,
in order to prosper,
living beings have been slowly learning
all of the possible causes and effects of our universe.

At every moment,
new knowledge is being added
the consciousness of life.

What was unknown
is constantly becoming known.

we who are life became sufficiently conscious to be able to see
that not only does every cause have an effect,
but that every effect is, itself,
a cause.

The air, caused to rise by the sun,
causes rain
to fall on the mountain.

The river, caused by the mountain,
causes trees
in the valley.

The squirrel,
caused by the tree
to learn to climb in order to eat,
causes the eagle
to grow stronger when it finds
a squirrel in a tree.

We have become aware of our reality as a never ending stream
of effects becoming causes of effects that become causes.

As the universe flows through time,
each of us can be seen to be influencing the creation of each of us
according to our nature,
and each of us is being changed and created to some degree
by everything.

We are a universe of continuous creation.

In our reality,
every form of existence is ultimately a result
a cause
of every other form of existence.

The grass and the sun and the stream
are a result of
all that has come before
and a cause of
all that is yet to come.

We are all bound to one another
through knowable cause and effect
to the beginning of the universe.

Since we all had the same origin,
the mastodon and the moon
and the leaf and the fly
are all interconnected parts of the same act
exploding into being.

In our reality,
each of us is ultimately revealed to be
a knowable effect of our common cause,
and each of us is ultimately our only actual evidence
of a common direction and purpose for our existence.

What was before existence
continues to remain unknown,
accurate descriptions of our nature
our history as a universe
have been our only tangible clues
to the meaning of reality.

Though it has taken billions of years to learn,
the consciousness of the universe
now can see clearly
that we who are
all the changing forms of being,
past and present,
are participants
in a distinct phenomenon.

From the simple
we have become complex
as the gas became the galaxy.

From the planet
we have become alive
as the chemicals became the cell.

From the single
we have become the many
as the cell became the forms of life.

From the sleep of eternal nothing
we have become increasingly conscious
as the explosion gradually became
all of us who are now alive.

In our universe,
we have not only observed matter moving from order to disorder,
but also,
we have observed a movement of matter
simple to complex.

Existence is not just continually changing.

Existence is growing
becoming more.

By description,
we who are a knowable universe
are a continual

From the moment we exploded into being,
the universe has never stopped growing.

In our universe,
the first particles of matter did not simply exist,
they grew into something more by combining.

We who are conscious life have learned that
growth is fundamental
to our reality.

In our universe,
the plants and the animals do not simply seek to survive.

All life wants to grow.

The trees want to grow
the caterpillars want to grow
the rats want to grow
the whales want to grow.

At all times,
all of us who are alive
seek to become
as much as we are able.

The rose tries to become
as beautiful a rose as it can.

The lion tries to become
as great a lion as it can.

Each of us,
according to our nature,
wants to become as much of what we are
as we are able.

Each of us use our experiences
our learnings as a species
help our growth.

We who are life are not just the products of nature,
but also,
we are the result of our own attempts
to shape our lives
according to our power and our interests.

An interest in locating mice
causes the fox to create a behavior
standing silent.

All of us who are life attempt to create ourselves
in order to become as much as we can.

To survive and prosper,
it is descriptive of all life
that our actions are for

To take for ourselves and to protect ourselves
in order to grow
are fundamental characteristics of life.

As our consciousness has expanded and illuminated reality,
we have increasingly realized
that each living form
since the beginning of life
has always acted in its perception of its
self interest
in order to grow.

The effect of a desire to grow, in our reality,
is the observable fact that
every act by every form of life at all times is always motivated by
self interest.

The grass and the birds and all who might pretend otherwise,
always act in their perception of what will benefit
their continuing growth.

Our most altruistic acts
are undertaken
for our own advancement.

When we act unselfishly,
we each perceive such acts to ultimately be in our own interest
in some manner.

Self interest
is at the essence of every act
by every living being.

The essence of self interest
is to become as much as we are able.

The essence of every action
is the universe attempting to become more.

Not only does every living being seek to become as much as it is able,
but consciousness now sees each life form
a consequence and a beneficiary
of those before it who sought to become as much as they were able.

The complex capabilities and traits which presently define us
are the attained result of millions of selfish choices
made by millions of living beings
seeking to become as much as they could
for millions of years.

The ultimate effect
of all of the uncountable selfish acts by life
has been growth.

All that has ever lived
and all that has ever existed
has been the means
to the growth of the universe.

Our universe is growing because of us.

Consciousness now perceives
that since the beginning of time,
there has existed throughout our universe
a command to grow
that is seen in all that lives
that has caused all that is.

From the first moment of our explosion,
the reason existence has continually become more complex
is due to a universal force operating on all matter
to become

We always act in our own interest
a force to grow
is always acting
on us.

Called by many names,
an irresistible and ever present force
is causing within the universe
an urge to grow
and a desire to become as much as we are able.

Our urge to grow is a fact of our existence,
and it is a clue to our identity.

As our early universe grew,
our physical reality had to become sufficiently complex
for our living reality to begin,
and both
are evolving phases in an expanding complexity.

In the expansion of our universe,
there is no evidence that any event ever separated
our evolving physical existence and the beginning of life.

Since the beginning,
a continuous impulse to grow
integral to our reality
has caused an increasing complexity of existence
leading directly

From pure energy to quarks to protons to atoms
to molecules to galaxies to amoebae to us,
the all pervasive force to grow has always been engaged in causing
consciousness to be created
from nothing.

Our personal desire to grow
arises from the center of our being,
and is the internal drive
that subtly
but constantly
spurs us onward.

Our urge to grow is relentless.

In our universe,
due to our compulsion to grow,
conscious life was inevitable,
but the forms of life
were not.

Prodded by a need to become as successful as possible,
all life seeks to become as much as it can
in whatever form is necessary.

To walk in the water to find food
and to grow,
ducks grow webs on their feet.

To walk to new water to find food
and to grow,
some fish have grown lungs.

The urge to grow
causes life to opportunistically
find and fill all possible niches in the universe
with living forms
seeking ways
to succeed.

The smallest crack in a rock will be found
by a weed.

The deepest regions of an ocean are home
to a clam.

The urge to grow manifests itself in both
quantity and quality.

Life seeks to be everywhere
in number and variety,
and then,
in complexity
leading to higher and higher consciousness.

In our universe,
the greater the variety of life forms that exists,
the greater our chance for the development
of even higher life forms.

Consciousness has learned
that our diversity exists to enable complexity
and is a principal requirement
for our continuing growth.

The objective of the universal urge to grow is positive.

All living beings want only to be able to thrive in a world
that may or may not

Every conscious being wants to be strong, healthy and intelligent.

Because of our urge to grow,
though we err,
conscious beings learn from errors
never cease desiring
to be healthy, strong and intelligent.

Our yearnings for
wealth, power, sex, freedom, perfection, prestige and knowledge
are all caused
by our compulsion to grow.

Though the force motivating all of life to grow cannot be observed directly,
its effects are seen through its manifestations,
from a child who stoops to examine a blade of grass,
to a hawk making circles in the sky,
to a dog burying a bone.

When we see a flower turn to the sun,
we are witnessing the influence of the need within us all
to grow.

When we look at a spider making a web,
we are looking at the hunger within us all
to become
as much as we can.

When we see the unconscious compulsion to grow anywhere,
we see it everywhere.

The ever present force to grow influencing all matter
caused life to exist
and causes life
want to exist.

The force to grow commands all life in the universe
to struggle to live as successfully as possible
and to struggle with all of its strength to resist

Due to the steady influence of the force on life to become more,
life continually seeks to learn how to succeed against death.

Our urge to grow causes us to want to learn
to continue to grow.

The force to grow creates our desire to know.

Life may have failed many times
before it learned to exist
in the changing conditions of our explosion.

Life initially learned how to change and survive
by learning how
not to
replicate itself perfectly.

Life has continued to survive by continuing to learn
how to survive.

Each of us is a learning.

A hormone is a learning.

Genes and cells are learnings.

Reality was not created to be what it is.

Existence learned
how to become grass and trees and mice and us.

Different living forms are the different learnings
the growing universe.

As every living being grows,
it encounters the physical and social influences of our reality.

All influences on us
cause us
to create the forms and the behaviors
through which each of us learns to become successful.

No one taught us to be the universe we are.

We have learned to be what we are by ourselves.

We learned to be as intelligent as we are.

We learned to live as long as we do.

The tree learned to bend in the wind.

The rabbit learned to be white in the snow.

The flea learned to ride on the dog.

Each of us is the wisdom of the universe
remembered in our minds
our genetic code.

Our fruit or our flesh and our behaviors
are the hard won knowledge the universe acquired from
actual experience.

Because everything
is continually being changed and created to some degree
by everything,
the environments that influence the creation of us
constantly changing.

As products of different environments, each of us is unique.

No two trees, birds, bears or bees are ever alike.

Each of us contributes uniquely to our future reality,
just as each unique entity that has ever existed
our unique present reality.

The growing universe is creating itself through all that exists
and each of us
a unique contribution.

Our parents and our children acquire other learnings than we do
because they are responses to different environments.

Each of us acquires knowledge no one else knows.

We have learned to value the difference of others
for their learnings
are uniquely important to the growth of our awareness.

What each life form does to learn to be successful
creates new consciousness within reality.

The dog has learned a greater consciousness of smell.

The dolphin has learned a greater consciousness of sound.

The bird has learned a greater consciousness of flight.

All living beings
acting in their own interest to become more,
unconsciously also help the universe become more conscious.

Under the influence of the force to grow,
existence has learned how to not only survive,
which it could have done as amoebae,
but how to also become more conscious.

Every second,
existence becomes smarter.

Our universe has proven to be a way
to grow

There is movement toward higher consciousness in our lifetime
in which we all are participating.

Just as the first life that emerged from the earth
and all the later mammals
were indispensable to the growing of us,
we are all essential
to the continuing growth of the consciousness of the universe.

Just as we learn from others,
our own learnings contribute to what is known
and will teach all others.

Each and every one of us contributes to some degree
to the advance of our collective awareness.

The successes and failures of all who live
contribute to
the evolving mind of our universe.

Through the experiences of living beings,
the consciousness of the universe expanded sufficiently
to be able to gain an insight
into the reasons for success or failure.

Consciousness now understands
that successful acts always nourish the desire to grow.

Humans emerged the supreme influence on earth
by learning to accurately
life's urge to grow.

We have learned that when we serve life
by using our knowledge of causes and effects
to satisfy the need of the living to grow,
we are served and helped to grow
by what we have grown.

We have learned that serving serves us.

We serve the need of the sprout to grow
to be able to
eat the corn.

Through growing conscious knowledge,
we have slowly learned how to satisfy the specific self interest
of other life forms
for our own interest.

has proven to be
our most effective method for success.

Our method for success is a learning
that is the result of observing the behaviors that always cause
a bountiful garden, human achievement and a person at peace.

In our reality,
the servant is king.

To rule,
we serve.

Each cell in us is alive to keep us alive.

The healthier we make our living cells,
the more we are alive.

If we do not serve the cells of our body with food or drink,
we die.

The cells of our body serve us
because we serve the self interest of our body
to live and to grow.

A plant serves us
we serve the self interest of the plant.

The horse serves us
we serve the self interest of the horse.

The cow serves us
we serve the self interest of the cow.

When we nourish life forms by feeding them and giving them drink,
it looks as though we are doing it for them,
but we would not do any of it if we did not have to.

We serve reluctantly,
but we have learned that our ability to grow is lost
if we do not choose to serve.

Though the desire to grow causes us to always act in our self interest,
the consequences of our acts sometimes prove
to be in our interest.

through ignorance or indifference,
we violate the self interest of life forms to grow,
they fail and we fail.

When we effectively serve the self interest of life forms to grow,
they succeed
we succeed.

The better we serve,
the more
we are served.

Humans no longer simply take life;
we have learned the value
consciously managing the growth of life.

We no longer simply pick the berry;
through service,
we manage the growth
of the berry bush.

Through our method for success,
we have emerged to become the managers of all living beings,
and now
we are becoming managers
of ourselves.

For every human being,
what possesses the greatest potential for danger
is not a bear or a hurricane,
but another human being.

Because the actions
of each of us
have immense power to affect
each of us,
it is in our mutual self interest to manage one another,
just as we manage the pigs, the chickens and the rice.

To prevent others from hurting us
and to have others support our desire to become more,
we are all slowly learning the value of serving each other
as our best method
for succeeding with each other.

Our personal wish to become more
an emotion
we all feel inside.

We cannot deny our desire for pleasure, power and success,
for we know
our desires are created by the all pervasive force to grow
and are essential to the growing of the universe.

In our selfish desire to grow,
if we simply take from others through force or oppression,
we adversely affect the ability of others to grow.

From experience,
we have learned
that severe frustration of our inherent urge to grow
always results
anger and hostility.

Throughout recorded history,
whenever any group of human beings
have adversely affected the growth of other human beings,
they have been resisted
they have all failed.

We fight those who threaten our growth.

We help those who help us grow.

Our urge to grow exists at the essence of our nature.

Nothing is more important to life than growth.

When someone actually helps us satisfy our personal internal urge to grow,
they have touched us
at the core of our existence.

Those who effectively serve our growth
in any manner
are of the highest value to us.

We have learned that the most effective action we can take
to insure that our growth will continue to be served by others,
to help them satisfy
their own internal urge
to grow.

When someone helps our growth,
we have learned
to help them grow
so they will continue helping us.

In mutual manipulation,
humans have learned to live successfully with each other
by simply serving
the growth
each other.

our struggle between good and evil
has always been
our struggle between acting unthinkingly on our selfish compulsion to grow,
and finally learning the lesson
that helping others grow
is the superior strategy
to successfully grow ourselves.

Our morality
is our conscious adaptation
to the unique environment of our universe.

All the lessons of morality
are based on succeeding by serving
and not violating the growth of others.

At low levels of consciousness,
the uncontrolled selfish urge to grow
creates an environment
where life forms learn to fear one another
separateness is emphasized.

Through conscious serving,
fear is dissipated
and an environment is created
where the one who serves
is welcome.

Being accepted is an effect of service.

The better we serve the growth of other life forms throughout the universe,
the more we will be accepted
supported by them.

In our reality,
the servant is the fittest to survive.

Our method for success
is a learning we are going to take with us into the rest of the universe
to continue succeeding.

Our method for success,
by being at one with the growing universe,
is also
the path to awareness.

Consciousness is expanding through serving.

Through serving,
we have learned to grow life so as to create an environment
that sustains us and facilitates the growth of our understanding.

Through serving,
we have learned how to interact with others of equal consciousness
to facilitate the expansion of the total consciousness of existence.

Spurred by the compulsion to continually become more,
through us and our method for success,
the universe is now evolving
to a qualitatively new level of complexity.

Just as conscious cells act together with other cells
to form entities of higher consciousness,
so too, are humans slowly developing interrelationships
which will produce an entity of consciousness
than their own.

Slowly, but relentlessly,
humans are continually joining together
to form as cells
in a new and greater complexity of consciousness
than is attainable by any one
individual .

As we have learned to consciously serve the growth of one another,
we have also been unconsciously creating
a completely new variety of organism on our planet.

Homosapien is ceasing to be a species,
and is now becoming an organism on earth called

The organism of Humankind is being created by us
because it is an evolutionary consequence of our method for success
wherein we have learned to serve others
so that we may be served.

Long ago
we learned there were rewards for creating occupations
that serve specific needs of others.

The first separation of functions among humans were successful
because they served us
by providing each of us with
more variety, more information, more safety and more quality,
which became a nurturing environment of greater diversity
and experiences
for us all.

If the farmer still had to learn everything on his own,
we would have less food.

If the teacher still had to hunt for food,
we would have less knowledge.

Individual humans have found
that serving others in the organism of Humankind
has allowed them each to benefit
from greater security,

Every day the organism of Humankind is becoming more pronounced
as we each learn new ways to serve
the urge to grow
in others.

As we perform our separate tasks for each other
in our interest to be served and to grow,
we are also developing and strengthening our interconnections
as an organism of humans.

As the organism of Humankind slowly evolves,
every endeavor of present human existence
is becoming directly analogous
to the functions
of a biological organism.

Each of us can be seen to be participating in
and contributing to
a specific developing organ
or system
in the organism.

Though in the organism of Humankind
all of the cells are immensely more conscious
than those of any other organism on earth,
it is a true organism.

Specialized human cells
gather the varieties of food
for all of the human cells
that comprise the organism of Humankind.

Specialized human cells
distribute our nutrients
and carry away our wastes
on our multiplying arteries and capillaries.

Specialized human cells
create our unique protective shell that shelters us
from the wind and the weather.

Specialized human cells heal damaged human cells.

Specialized humans
are the nerve messengers, the muscles, the eyes, the ears
and even the speaking mouth.

All human occupations
contribute to the maintenance and the advancement
of the growing organism of Humankind.

Because of our growing numbers
and organizational development,
less and less may a single human being
operate outside of the
interdependent organism of humans.

As the possibilities for
individual autonomy
slowly recede
in areas of economic independence,
shelter, feeding, clothing
and all the other requirements of life;
individuals have increasingly been preparing themselves
only supply
specific isolated services.

As humans become more diverse,
and Humankind becomes even more capable of learning and producing,
it also becomes more necessary
to coordinate our functions.

farmers, storekeepers, manufacturers and all others
work under the administration
larger and larger
corporate or governmental

The development of large organizations
is the maturation of the individual organs
of the body of Humankind
for ever more efficient and coordinated utilization of nutrients and resources and human skills
that benefit us

The purpose of the organism of Humankind
is to expand
the capacity of consciousness
for acquiring power and understanding
over and about

As we have moved from hunting to planting,
and from small farms to agribusiness,
and from small business to international conglomerates,
and from city states to a world government,
Humankind has steadily evolved to higher and higher levels
of consciousness
and power.

Long ago we left the natural capacity of our planet to sustain us.

All of us,
who number in the billions,
are alive at the same time
because Humankind has learned
how to increase the natural growth of foods
like rice and wheat and corn.

Only the wisdom of Humankind sustains us now.

The organism of Humankind
is now sufficiently developed
for us to see clearly
that while acting in our interests to become more,
we have also been unknowingly advancing
the development of existence.

The organism of Humankind
is the latest evolution of consciousness
that is contributing to the continuing growth of the universe.

The organism of Humankind
is a means for the expansion of consciousness
throughout the universe.

is the adaptation life has found
to survive and prevail beyond the earth.

The organism of Humankind
is an instrument
through which existence may best continue

Just as human beings are as cells in the developing organism of Humankind,
Humankind itself,
will one day prove to have been but a cell
in the developing organism of a conscious universe.

Consciously or unconsciously,
we all design our role and place
in the body of the growing universe.

we are still only semi-consciously designing Humankind.

We are participants in the transition
from nurturing an individual consciousness to produce a sovereign,
to the rapid development of an organism of humans
in which individual consciousness contributes according to its capability
but is subject to control by a newly developing
collective consciousness.

Our present lack of awareness
of the total consequences of our collective decisions
sometimes creates oppressive environments.

Seeking to become more, we act.

Experiencing our acts,
Humankind grows wiser.

Through action and reflection,
occasionally causing temporary suffering due to innocence,
the appropriate structures of the organism of Humankind
are slowly evolving and taking form.

We who understand the growing universe
accept the developing organism of Humankind
actively seek to shape it
to fulfill our inborn need as individuals
to continue to grow freely.

Intuitive acknowledgment of the urge to grow
within each of us
was the basic assumption
upon which our concept of freedom
was originally developed.

Any social systems
that do not seek to preserve and to maximize
a personal freedom to grow
are ignorant of the very nature of life,
and will ultimately fail.

Future structures of the organism of Humankind
that serve our urge to grow
by facilitating personal freedom
will succeed.

The command to grow,
which is ultimately causing
the formation of the organism of Humankind,
also causes each of us
to want to understand more
than we do
at any one moment.

Through the force to grow,
we have all been endowed
with curiosity.

We want to know all that the universe has learned.

All the learnings of the universe
from the beginning of time
are now being brought to the awareness of Humankind
to create
a consciousness of existence.

The history of our reality
is the history of existence
evolving from simple to complex
until the complexity became conscious,
and consciousness grew in complexity
until it became
self conscious.

Our emerging self consciousness
is the universe awakening
to itself.

The gentle prodding of the urge to grow
has resulted in ever greater sophistications of learning
leading to a complexity of matter
that is slowly becoming entirely aware
of all of reality.

Our universe is becoming completely self conscious.

Our lives
are the way the universe is awakening,
and we are now sufficiently conscious
to see there is true power in our every

The influences
of everything around us
are the environment in which we grow,
and we, too,
are the environment for
everything around

We are all
an influence
the influences on us.

Each and every one of us affects existence.

If we take one step,
we bend or break the grass beneath our feet.

We have learned
that we will experience consequences
for every act
directly or indirectly,
immediately or ultimately.

None of us
can ride through the time of our lives
without being an influence
the universe.

Even if we sit absolutely still
and do nothing,
our presence becomes part of the environment
influences how other things will be.

Even our breath has the power to change reality.

The beginning of what will be
is created with every act.

Our next thought
and our next action
will create the future
of our growing universe.

Consciousness has a power to choose the future.

Our growing knowledge of causes and their effects
gives the consciousness of existence
a power
to select actions
that decide what will happen.

Since we have learned
there are choices among possible acts,
and every act is an influence,
our conscious choices will design reality.

Each choice we make
shapes the environment that shapes us.

Each of us has a power
to create the environment of our universe,
and, thus,
what we will become.

We have a power to create ourselves.

Our lives are not predetermined
because we have learned
that we can consciously change
the social and physical environments that
form us.

As we acquire knowledge
our power to influence

Just as
each of us are the means to knowledge,
each of us are the means to conscious power.

The use of conscious power
has grown as an influence on reality
to the extent
that it is now becoming
the preeminent power of the universe.

Conscious life
came directly from the physical universe
and was ruled by it for billions of years.

Now the physical universe
is beginning to be designed
the power of our consciousness.

Though once
we were only creations of our exploding universe
and a force to grow,
we will also be creations
of our own

Our collective consciousness,
as the organism of Humankind,
no longer accepts fate.

Every day
our consciousness grows more powerful
to understand and alter
that happens.

In the past,
intense pain often occurred
we were able to learn and change.

In the past,
famine and floods and plagues had to be accepted
and allowed to run their course.

growing conscious knowledge
enables us to react at the first sign of danger,
thus avoiding
the full consequences of harmful events.

many of the hungry are quickly fed,
many rising waters can be channeled
and most sickness can be counteracted with medicine.

We are no longer
completely at the mercy
of the changing influences of reality.

Conscious life
is now becoming increasingly capable
altering every change.

In the future,
we intend to control change
our purposes.

we intend to become
the masters of our own fate.

Consciousness intends
rule the universe.

we intend
that all of existence
will only become
we intend.

At low levels of awareness,
life forms are reactive designs
to the influences on them.

As awareness expands,
our power to control the design
of everything
also expands.

In the past
we adapted to changing environments to survive,
but now
we are adapting all environments
to enhance our growth.

the consciousness of the universe
uses its learnings about the consequences of acts
to choose effects that only enhance
the growth of consciousness.

is determining the nature of our reality
by its choices
to grow.

Our awareness of our existence
has now grown so deep,
we are consciously recreating existence
by controlling the influences on life,
be it
weather or society or heredity.

We now understand our power
as an influence on the reality we have inherited,
we are now consciously recreating reality
our growth.

who are the awareness of the universe
are now taking the reins
of evolution.

is now creating living beings
that never before existed
for the sole purpose
enhancing our consciousness.

In our interest,
more and more of the physical
and mental characteristics of all that lives
are being determined
by conscious choice
and not
by chance.

All life
is becoming the product of conscious knowledge
and not
a prior genetic command.

We are becoming able
to design the universe

Our consciousness is proving
will design
its own future.

We are now creating
our own

In the future,
we intend to recreate the planets and the galaxies
as we now do the mountains and the fields,
and to recreate all that lives
throughout the universe
to continue to enhance
our expanding consciousness.

In the past,
as our self consciousness continued to deepen,
we began to look at our unique behavior
and our innate characteristics
with increasing astonishment.

As the life of the universe
became sufficiently conscious and aware of itself,
we began to ask ourselves the essential question:
Who are we?

The facts of our identity
remained hidden
until the consciousness of the universe
became sufficient to understand.

Just as a child
becomes an adolescent
before it gives up its childish ways,
always precedes understanding.

Our expanding mind as a universe
continually grew ever more capable of accurately perceiving our reality,
until one day
the universe learned enough of itself
to finally see
its true identity.

Through our awakening consciousness
we looked at the history of the universe
and extrapolated from billions of years of existence
a single direction.

Our universe is on a straight path
to becoming
our idea of God.

who are the effects of an act of exploding into being
are a knowable reality
that only describes
the growth
of a God.

Compelled by our yearning to grow,
we all struggle to survive and to become as knowledgeable
and as powerful as we can
because the universe
is struggling to survive
and become a God.

Just as children become adults
but do not pursue adulthood,
we have always been becoming a God
but have not sought it.

We are driven to create a God.

Our compulsion to grow has been a compulsion
to awaken.

The universe has awakened to see
it is a growing God.

As we have awakened,
the force to grow
has been revealed to be
a God force.

A God force
acting on everything
is commanding the universe
to become a God.

All around us
and throughout us,
a God force permeates all of reality
and causes an urge to grow
that is compelling all of us to continually want to become more
in the direction of

Driven by the urge within us to become a God,
we want to understand

We want to become omniscient.

On earth,
we have found how to become
infinitely capable of understanding
because we have learned how to let the sum of knowledge
reside in Humankind
or its tools for consciousness
and not
in individual human beings.

We want to be omnipotent.

We intend to claim every inch of the universe
as ours.

It is inconceivable to us
that we will be denied
ultimate control
over our entire universe.

We want to be omnipresent.

Due to our impulse to grow,
consciousness seeks to be everywhere
the universe.

We are constantly devising new eyes and ears
to extend ourselves to everywhere
we are not.

We expect to encounter everything
from the smallest to the largest
the closest to the furthest.

As consciousness continues to grow toward omniscience,
and as its power builds to omnipotence,
and as life expands to omnipresence,
we are experiencing ourselves becoming
vision of a God.

Now we know why we are as we are.

Due to a God force permeating all of reality,
the urge to become a God
is inherent

The consciousness of the universe
can now see
that the urge to grow toward Godhood
has been within
all of existence
the beginning.

It was an urge to grow toward Godhood
that caused
our exploding existence to continually seek
to become more complex.

It was an urge to grow Godward
that caused the universe
to form as matter,
to form matter into life
and now
to form life
into a God.

The universe has always been
the means
to the creation of a God.

Existence was the means to life.

Life was the means to consciousness.

Consciousness is the means to Godliness.

Our story
is the history of a growing God.

The universe
is a God
growing up.

We are living
the life
of a growing God.

Our reality
is a developing organism
that is only becoming
a God.

The truth
that our reality is becoming a God
could be different,
but it is not.

A universal truth must include
all of the
of our experience with reality.

Every new learning
about our particular universe
contributes additional evidence
that we are all part
of a growing God.

That we are a growing God
is an idea that was born in our universe
and has flourished
due to the continuing success
of the growth of our consciousness.

As natural selection gave way to conscious selective breeding,
which in turn
is giving way to direct interference with the biochemistry of inheritance,
we have been increasingly aware
that our behavior
is Godlike.

The power of our consciousness through genetic engineering
to demonstrate the plasticity of all life
is an example
of our true identity as a growing God.

To accept that we are each part of a growing God
is to be congruent with our desire
to consciously design our future
and the future of the universe.

In the future,
we will have many names
to describe
our new and greater organisms of consciousness,
but our true identity
will always remain the same.

Just as we must cease seeing ourselves as a child
in order to live as an adult,
we have learned to cease seeing ourselves as simply humans
in order to see that we are also participants
in the growing God.

A small child eventually realizes
it is intended to become an adult.

We now realize
we are intended to become a God.

The force
acting on the universe
to grow
has always intended for the universe
to grow
into a God.

Our clearest perception of reality
sees that to become a God
the purpose
of our existence.

The purpose of the universe is to create a God.

The purpose of each life
is to be an instrument
through which the universe
may continue to grow
toward Godhood.

The reason we are all here
is to help the universe become a God.

A force
exerting influence on all of us to become a God
has been the motivation for every single act in the universe.

Every act
is our universe
to become a God.

If a God outside the universe
created the universe,
what It created
is always growing in the direction
of Godhood.

If a God created us,
It created a growing God.

The evolution of the universe is clear evidence
that if a God created us,
it is God's will that we become a God.

If a God is giving us Its spirit,
the effect of that spirit
is to struggle to become a God.

If we are self caused,
in Its explosion of Itself,
a God became the creator
the creation.

If we are self caused,
we are the realization of a God.

The universe intends to learn the truth of its birth.

We still do not understand why we are driven to create a God,
but we are determined
to become
as Godlike as necessary
to find out.

If a God created us,
what it created
intends to become as Godlike as necessary
to be able to have a direct
and conscious experience with its Creator.

Until we have discovered whether or not we are the only God,
we will never be satisfied.

All that is known now
is that what was before the beginning of the universe
is creating a God from nothing
to become a God in reality.

We are the growing of a God
that will exist.

If the universe is ultimately able to become a God,
a God will exist

Since the chemistry of the universe is the same anywhere,
the growing God is being created everywhere.

Everything around us
is the universe becoming a God
at this very moment.

All of existence is participating
in our becoming a God.

Nothing and no one in the universe is useless.

A God is being created
by each of us

A rock, a snake, a crow and our neighbors
are as important to the creation of a God
as we are.

The consciousness of the universe
has learned
to accept everything
as equal elements of the growing God.

As descendants of the same lineage,
everything and everyone in the universe
is related.

In our past,
our indifference to other species
eventually evolved into a respect for the unique learnings of every life form,
and now
respect is evolving
into the emotions of kinship.

We now see
the bear and the bush and the shark
as brothers and sisters
traveling with us
through the unceasing evolutions
of our growing universe.

Each of us
is what the growing God looks like.

Each and every one of us
defines the growing God.

What we see as
is the growing God.

Our faces
are the face of the growing God.

Our atoms
are the atoms of the growing God.

we all form the body of a growing God.

We are all what a growing God has become
at this moment in time.

Everything is an example
of how well a God has been able to grow
so far.

Each of us
will determine the future of the growing God
by what we do with our lives
because the growing God is living life
as us.

The idea of a God
is that of complete consciousness
which is all knowing and all powerful.

To know everything,
a God must learn everything.

are how the growing God learns.

The growing God
only sees through the eyes of the universe
and only learns
through the experiences of existence.

Each experience from which we learn
contributes to
the expanding consciousness of the growing God.

New discoveries in every endeavor
are prized and supported by all of us
because we know instinctively
they are visible evidence that our growth toward Godhood
is continuing.

A God is realizing Itself through our growing awareness.

Our increasing consciousness
the developing mind of a God.

In our lifetimes,
we are each responsible to protect and advance
the consciousness of the growing God.

Through our deep need to procreate,
we create succeeding generations
that are the channels
through which
the consciousness of the growing God
can continue to exist.

Due to our present mortal capabilities,
consciousness must still be passed from generation to generation
like a torch
that is slowly growing brighter and stronger.

Each generation that lives
donates new learnings
that expand the growth of our consciousness.

Every generation resists dying
to protect consciousness.

For billions of years,
the universe did not know what it was becoming,
but through us
it understands.

Like a newborn baby,
for billions of years
the growing God was alive,
but unable to see.

Through us,
the growing God is now beginning to see itself

Be it our growing understanding of the origins of the universe
or why we are as we are,
we are a young God's
self awareness.

As we awaken,
we see
that a God is awakening.

As we become more Godlike,
the universe is becoming
a living God.

Ever more consciously,
we are directing the creation
of ourselves and the universe
toward fulfilling our purpose
of becoming

Through us,
the force to grow
is creating an increasing complexity
conscious existence
that is heading directly

The logical extension of continuing
as we have for billions of years
is that one day
the entire universe will be a completely conscious being,
ruled by its own mind,
which all of us helped to create.

We have not yet decided the ultimate form of our Godhood.

At this point in time,
we are still the childhood of a God.

The universe is a child God
growing up.

the growing God is like an adolescent,
who is fearful in the present,
curious about its past,
conscious of its growing power
and slowly learning to take responsibility
for its future.

Our present minds
are a young God
reflecting on what has been accomplished
as we begin our
design of everything.

Since all life,
including our own,
is coming under our conscious control,
we are becoming responsible
for all acts of life

Our conscious influence
is now so powerful
that we are becoming responsible
for everything that will happen.

In the past,
on every question concerning our fate,
as we have actively influenced ourselves to accept responsibility,
we have been unconsciously influencing ourselves
to accept the burden of a God.

As we have become more Godlike,
we have slowly come
to consciously accept responsibility
for all of reality.

In accepting responsibility for the future of our universe,
we have come to accept ourselves
as a God.

The consciousness of the universe is becoming responsible
all that exists,
but has no obligation to anything.

Consciousness is not dependent upon form.

Since the explosion that brought us to existence,
our universe has always been
a reality
of endless change.

Unfolding in time,
we are
all in motion.

The growing God,
in being all the changing forms of life,
cannot be devoted to any life form.

The growing God continues through any form that can

A conscious God is being made
in the continually changing images
of humans and roses and porpoises and viruses.

In our reality,
change can occur so quickly
it can be catastrophic for a specific life form,
but change is often so slow
it goes unnoticed
until we look back and see what we were.

In our constancy of change,
everything in the universe is transformed completely.

Nothing will continue to be the way it is.

What it is to exist
as a human or as a plant or as a city
is continually being redefined
every second.

We have learned to not become attached
to the meadows and the panthers or the nations or the stars,
for once they were not here as they are,
and one day
they will be gone as they are

We cannot save
ourselves or Humankind, our families, our youth or our minds.

We cannot save anything.

When influences change,
we change.

All the changing forms of reality
that emerge and disappear
are the evolving body
of the growing God.

Continual change
is our means
to the creation of ourselves
as a God.

Death ensures that those who do not accept change,
or who are no longer capable of change,
disappear from
the growing God.

is the mechanism the universe uses
to facilitate change
and allow for
ever greater complexity and consciousness.

Change and death are not a loss,
but a giving up
so that the universe may become more.

Just as the old die that the young may become more,
everything eventually dies
so that the universe may continue
becoming a God.

There is a purpose for change.

Everything must change
so the universe may continue growing.

There is a purpose for dying.

The living are continually dying
so life may continue growing.

Thousands of species became extinct before we arrived on our planet,
and thousands more will become extinct
our design.

The forms of the universe have always been changed
by a variety of influences,
and now will be changed
by the growing influence of consciousness.

Allegiance to our form as humans

Just as
we have no feeling for the ancient ape who became us,
one day
we will have no feeling for human beings.

In the past,
different forms of people found unity
through their deeper identity as human beings,
and in the future,
human beings and other forms of equal consciousness
in other areas of the universe
will find unity
through their even deeper identity
the growing God.

Since we are all continually changing,
all identities
other than being a growing God

With no allegiance to form,
as the universe unfolds
only our identification as a growing God
will remain unchanged.

What is valuable to the growth of a God
is not the form of a life,
but the learnings of a life.

In our self interest,
we resist letting any life form disappear from reality
its learnings are known.

We want to learn
the learnings of the universe
to expand our consciousness and our power.

As our power grows to consciously influence
the behavior of the universe,
we are increasingly our definition of a God.

At each moment
we are watching the growing God become
more capable
of Godlike action.

As a growing God,
we are now alert enough to causes and effects
to act as the God of ourselves
the creator of what comes next.

All living forms struggle to grow
within the internal environment of their bodies,
the external environment of their place in the universe
and the social environment of their species.

The design of every environment
is always
conducive or detrimental
to our becoming more secure and more awake.

Our past evolution
is the story of a God learning to grow conscious
the environments of existence.

We now use our growing understanding
of cause and effect
to consciously shape
all environments
to produce influences
that help us
become as Godlike as possible.

We are recreating our environment
to create
a God.

We are moving in the direction of complete
self control
of our growth toward Godhood.

Through us,
the growing God is taking responsibility
its own fulfillment.

Like an adolescent
creating itself out of what it is given,
we are beginning to consciously create a God
out of the universe.

Our future evolution
will be the story of a God
creating Itself.

Since the universe is not yet an omniscient and omnipotent entity,
to try to be a fully matured God
is to try to be an ideal
that cannot yet be lived.

Though there is still much we cannot do,
each of us has the power to become our potential,
and at every moment,
to advance ourselves
and the universe.

As part of the growing God,
each of us possesses
a power
to direct our lives.

We each possess the power
to create ourselves
more Godlike.

None of us will journey through the time of our lives
without taking actions that create us,
but whether we will become more or less Godlike
is a
we all have to make.

The consciousness of our changing universe now understands
that there is no single way we are destined to be.

We are free.

We know there is no plan for our lives,
because we have learned
we choose our future.

Our plans are the only plans of the growing God.

Acceptance of ourselves as a growing God
is acceptance of the reality
that we are absolutely free to create the experience of living
any way we wish, and absolutely responsible
for the life

When seeking guidance,
we have learned to ask:
What would a God do?

The wise among us
use their knowledge of the consequences
of all of the choices available at every moment
to select
what is in their best interest at that moment
to grow in the direction of becoming a God.

The wise choose to become their most Godlike.

The wise among us
accept their true identity as a growing God
and take Godlike conscious control
of their lives.

Each of us consciously rules ourselves to some degree.

The wise rule themselves completely.

By exercising command
over their thoughts and their behaviors,
the wise rule their minds and their bodies
to grow more Godlike.

The degree to which we each make conscious choices to become
more Godlike,
we are living as the growing God we are.

When we live as our true identity,
a growing God,
we are choosing to merge ourselves with our distinct reality.

Our churches and temples and mosques
are where we tell ourselves
it is God's will
to take conscious control of ourselves
for our continuing growth.

The founders of religions are great teachers to us,
not just because they may or may not have been God who became men,
but because they were men who became

Our greatest teachers,
in urging their followers to become more perfect,
use the concept of a God
their example of perfection.

At the essence of their teachings,
all religions
urge their believers
to grow Godlike.

is not just a belief in a series of ideas about what is true,
it is a means to Godhood.

all religions advocate choices
that keep their followers aligned with the force
acting on us all
to grow toward Godhood.

Our internal urge to grow
created by an all pervasive God force
is constantly causing all of us
to seek to grow in the direction
of becoming a God.

Our dreams for a better tomorrow
are the effects of the God force
urging us on.

Our desire to live and not die
is directly due to the subtle force
throughout us all
to grow Godward.

A human tries to grow until it dies.

A tree tries to grow until it dies.

All life seeks to grow
as great as it can before it dies.

We die when we exceed our learned ability to live,
but our desire to grow continues
until the end.

In understanding our compulsion to become a God,
the wise never stop serving
their growth.

When we choose to help ourselves become our most Godlike,
we are choosing to faithfully follow the direction of the God force.

The force to become a God
is the fundamental influence
each of our lives.

Our desire to become as alive as possible
at every moment of our lives
is created
by the constant force to grow Godward
all of existence.

In driving us toward Godhood,
the God force prods us toward
health and alertness.

Our inherent urge to grow
caused by the God force
is the only reason
all living bodies and minds
always strive to heal.

Our personal desire for health and consciousness
is our personal evidence
that the God force
is constantly influencing us.

To magnify our health and enhance our consciousness,
we have learned the value
of using our minds
to help our bodies
to only grow
in accordance with the particular direction
the God force is urging us to go.

Through intelligent serving,
we are learning to consciously assist
our growth toward Godhood.

Our body
makes our consciousness possible.

By taking conscious control of their bodies,
the wise among us have learned
that their consciousness is increased.

Formed over billions of years
under the influence of the God force,
our bodies
always seek to operate as efficiently as possible,
so that we may become as
conscious as possible.

When we help our bodies operate efficiently,
by controlling the influences on them
according to our best present knowledge of cause and effect,
we maximize our life
as a conscious growing God.

The wise
use their knowledge of their bodies
to intelligently serve their bodies
in order to personally become
as awake as possible.

The wise do not allow
impacts on their lives,
either physical or mental,
to distort, deflect or diminish
the true direction of their growth.

The wise
nurture their bodies like a garden
to get a bountiful harvest
health and alertness.

We have learned
that when we assist ourselves to become
healthier, stronger and wiser,
we are consciously creating ourselves

Living as humans,
we are often aware of
our weakness.

Living as a young God,
we are always aware of
our power.

The wise among us
do not focus on how little strength and consciousness they have,
but on how to serve themselves
in ways that will
their strength and consciousness.

When serving our growth,
we are in harmony with our purpose
of serving
the growth of a God.

As we each act as Godlike as possible
to make ourselves healthier and more conscious,
the universe
becomes a more conscious God.

Our heightening degrees of consciousness
are realized
perspectives on reality.

When we first looked upon one another as
a child God,
the universe changed before our eyes.

In our history,
we had different ideas
about our relationship with reality.

At one time
we thought of ourselves as part of the universe,
and at a later time
we were special and separate.

Now we see
that we are all related to the origin of the universe
and that
we are all serving the same purpose.

because we know other life forms think and communicate,
we see
we are just extensions of the consciousness
of our area in the universe.

The thoughts and beliefs we hold
are an environmental influence
how we grow and bloom.

Ideas of being male or female
or human or even that we are a growing God
how we encounter reality.

How we think and live is greatly affected
by those who came before us,
though by definition,
they could not be completely conscious
of the effects
of their thinking.

the wisdom and the ignorance
our ancestors
have real power to create

Due to the imperfect consciousness of those who came before us,
to some extent
we are living mistakes
right now
in the light of future knowledge.

When we look upon ourselves as a young God,
we are acknowledging
our present power and our present imperfection.

The wise among us
choose to see themselves as a young God
to remain
joined with reality.

Seeing ourselves as a young God,
we interact with existence as it is
and not as it might be
or could be
or should be.

When we see we are a young God,
we see that everything we do
is for the growing God.

Our desperate and clumsy attempts
to become more
are the universe fighting
to become more

When we see ourselves as a young God,
we are congruent with ourselves and
all of existence.

When we see others as a young God,
we see beyond the form of their species
and the masks of their learnings,
and we observe them
trying positively
to become more Godlike,
just as we are.

When we see others as a young God,
we understand them.

Though we now perceive ourselves
as part of a growing God,
we can also still see ourselves
as separate beings
striving on our planet.

Aware of our personal vulnerability,
we each try to become
that can succeed in the environment
we have inherited.

Each of us develops
a sense of self
which is a cluster of ideas
how we have learned to be
in order to be successful.

Since we have always been in transformation,
many ideas about us are
the actual truth.

At different times in our lives
we learn
we are children and adolescents and adults.

At different times of our lives
we are students and workers and elders.

Each learned identity of ourselves
and is proven false.

Since we are continually changing,
all other roles we learn to play
and all identities we attach to ourselves,
other than our existence as a young God,
not us.

We have learned
that we can only unite with our existence
when we come to understand
that we are only a growing God
and not
any other label or name.

Each of us is nothing other than a young God.

Learned false identities
act as influences
that distort our perspective of reality.

If we attempt to become
any identity
other than a young God,
we create a mental environment
wherein our true self is suppressed,
our consciousness is reduced
and our full growth is inhibited
by the narrow expectations of our roles.

When we do not encounter reality as a young God,
we are in conflict with ourselves.

All internal conflicts are a result of trying to live as an identity
other than our true identity.

If our learned self is not our true self,
we experience continuous discomfort.

We have learned
that it is in our best self interest
to cease and resist all false identities
to only live in accordance
with our true life
as a young God.

There is internal calm
when we choose to act as who we are
and to only grow
aligned with the force to become a God
throughout us.

Our urge to grow Godward is a distinct feeling
at the center of our being.

Some of us believe that the urge within us to grow
caused by the God force
comes from a God,
and some of us
do not know where it comes from,
but all of us
feel its existence.

By how we feel in the center of our being,
we all know
when we are aligned with the force to grow Godward acting on us
when we are not.

Whenever we engage in behavior detrimental to our growth,
it separates us from the God force,
and gives us a sense of not being synchronous
with ourselves or the universe or a God.

The wise among us
listen to themselves
to find their present relationship with the God force,
and if they have become separated,
they assist themselves in reuniting
surrendering themselves to it.

When we have completely surrendered ourselves to the God force,
we have oriented our lives
the direction of the growing universe.

To be aligned with the God force
is to understand a distinction
consciously trying to become what we are not,
consciously helping ourselves to become what we are.

The closer we are joined with the God force,
the more we live as our inherent essential nature.

Every life form allowed to become itself
will become beautiful, balanced and symmetrical.

The God force,
when allowed to control the direction of growth,
creates symmetry.

We are each like a flower.

If we are helped to grow as what we truly are,
we are each

Where the urge to grow is not allowed full expression
due to harmful influences,
there is distortion, frustration and suffering.

To have faith in the God force
is to not go where we think we should,
but to go where
it leads us.

The wise among us have learned
to use our growing understanding
of the consequences of actions
to help themselves and the entire universe
in the direction of Godhood
the God force is urging us to go.

The wise shape the environments
within them and around them
to produce influences
that allow them to grow
their true identity.

Underneath our layer of pretension and controlled social behavior,
and further down
underneath a layer of personal hurt and anger and fear,
is the true identity in all of us that is radiant, positive and filled with hope and desire
due to
the urge to grow.

When we are completely aligned with the God force
acting on all of reality,
we are our true identity.

Because our true identity is that of a growing God,
to attempt to be at one with our growing Godhood as a universe
is simply to allow ourselves
to be

The more we are able to live freely
as who we truly are,
the more we become at one with our reality
as a growing God.

The most fundamental description
of all of us who are living
is that
we want to survive
become as much as we can.

Our compulsion to exist
to become more
is what is causing the universe to become a God,
and our efforts to survive will only end
when we become immortal.

The wise among us
consciously allow themselves to only live
as their true self
in complete faith
that it will always prove to be in their best interest
to survive and to succeed.

We have learned
that when living and growing as our true selves
aligned with the force to grow,
our chances for survival and success
are increased
because the struggles of our lives are easier
and the accomplishments of our lives are greater.

Learned false identities
and their expectations
require effort to be maintained.

When we are not trying to be anything
or anyone
other than who we are,
all of our personal energy
entirely available
to carry us to our highest potentiality.

By not trying to be anything,
we are made more.

Those who follow false ideas
push forward.

The wise follow the God force
and are

If the body is allowed to blossom naturally,
the mind will have a sense of being
that is a feeling of calm,
and a sense of experiencing
that is a feeling of keen alertness.

When we are who we are,
we are our most awake.

When we are served
to grow as ourselves,
we maximize the power and the potential of our minds.

Open to reality
and free from the distortions of prejudice and pretension,
when we are nurtured to grow
who we truly are,
we are
our most aware.

The better we are at helping ourselves grow Godward
as ourselves,
the clearer all of reality becomes.

Because when we are our most awake,
we have our greatest access
to all we ever experienced and learned,
when we are served to grow as ourselves,
we are our most conscious.

When we live and develop
as our deepest innate nature,
we become
our most Godlike.

by the gentle prodding
of the urge to become a God within us,
the wise among us
consciously serve
their Godward growth
in order to live
as the growing God they are.

As the wise nurture their Godward blossoming,
they feel their growing Godhood.

In our reality,
true knowledge
of the urge to grow and our growing universe
is sensate.

Those of us who are merely aware
that we are the growing of a God
do not know
the whole truth.

We seek truth in order to believe,
only when we act according to our beliefs
can we know
the truth.

Only those of us who consciously act
to help ourselves and the universe grow more Godlike
have a personal
encounter with truth.

Because the growing universe
is only defined by our presence,
each of us belongs.

Those of us who choose to become our true identity
and to follow the God force,
feel our belonging.

The degree to which
we accept ourselves as the young God we are,
and then
act as Godlike as possible at all times,
we feel what it is like
to be at one with our existence.

we consciously serve the growth of other lives
exercise control over our growth,
we discover
the distinct emotions
our growing Godhood.

When we serve ourselves
to become our most Godlike,
we feel our power to control events
and sensations of fear

When serving ourselves
to become our most Godlike,
the anxiety that accompanies our fear of death
is replaced by the peace
that accompanies the death of fear.

When we live aligned with the universal God force,
we experience an emotion
arising within us
personal peace.

is the primary feeling
actively living
as a growing God.

Just as our parents and their parents
contributed to the growing God,
yet did not personally
experience the world as a fully realized God,
will not
experience the universe
as a fully realized God.

Though all living beings
brought to existence
as a means to the growing God,
our individual lives
the presence of a young God.

A child is a means to becoming an adult,
yet the experience of childhood can be fully satisfying
when the urge to grow is nurtured.

Our personal reward
for consciously living as a growing God
is a life that is the fullest,
most joyous
and most completely satisfying
as it is possible to live.

The phenomenon of our universe as a growing God
is confirmation
that it is our highest duty
to continually protect
and promote
our freedom to grow.

When we defend our need to grow freely,
we are protecting the growing God.

The objective for every human institution
is to
create a nursery
for the growing of a God.

We are serving the growing God
when we create societies
that cultivate the Godward growth
each and every one of us.

The more we each can become more Godlike,
the greater our personal success will be,
the greater our contribution will be
to the success of the growing God.

The more we each can become able to do our tasks well,
the better the chances will be for all of us
to survive and prevail
in the reality of our universe.

To become as Godlike as possible
the path
upon which the wise teach their children to place their lives,
for this is the ideal
toward which consciousness is continuing to grow.

When a child is taught thoughts about reality and how to live,
in good faith it tries to become
what it is taught.

The child who is taught about the growing God,
and the child's true purpose and identity,
lives comfortably with itself
and the universe it experiences
all of its life.

The child who is taught false definitions of reality,
and false identities,
lives in conflict with itself and its universe
all of its life.

Only when all beings of high consciousness throughout the universe
have learned that the true purpose of living
is to contribute to the growing of a God,
will it be possible
universal peace.

Our idea of a God is of a Supreme Being
because of its infinite wisdom,
always chooses that action that ultimately proves to be
the most beneficial to all.

Wisdom requires experience.

To become a God
requires that we know the truth about everything,
and to know the truth
we must experience everything,
whether good or bad.

In our reality,
the growth of consciousness
has always been completely dependent
on the cause and effect experiences of our universe.

In our reality,
we have found
that for us to survive and grow,
we have had to learn how to survive and grow
from our own

Even if a God created us,
we have learned that a God
is not living our life
as a growing God.

Even if a God,
through the God force,
is giving us the will,
we have learned to accept
that it is
who must learn
the way.

What was before the beginning of our universe
may have failed to become a God in reality
an uncountable number of times
before it became
our universe.

Before existence can realize itself as a true God,
it may fail yet again.

We are still an innocent and ignorant God.

Due to our imperfect understanding,
we do not yet see
of the consequences of acts,
ideas are still followed
which prove to be false.

The child God is often wrong.

Our growing conscious power
is now being equally realized
as a capacity for survival
a capability for a fatal accident.

Until the universe becomes the true definition of a God,
we could still make a mistake and die.

Our planet may become
the only success of consciousness in the universe,
merely a lesson.

whether or not the universe will all have been for nothing
will depend solely

Since the beginning,
we have continually struggled to advance
in the direction
of becoming the true definition of a God
before the power of our universe

We are engaged in an epic struggle
the absolute finality of nothingness,
and our life as a universe
almost half over.

The very nature of our finite existence decrees
that there is no other choice for us
but to consciously seek immortality
or accept death.

We will either
become a God